We are a law office with a long-standing tradition specializing particularly in the business sphere. We lay emphasis on the personal approach and satisfaction of our clients.

Fields in which we provide legal services

Our law firm provides legal services in the following fields:

Labour law

Among other things, our law firm specialises in issues related to labour law. We provide assistance to employers in preparing and executing employment contracts and/or agreements to perform work that are not within the employment relationship, counselling regarding industrial accidents, amendments to employment contracts and termination of employment. We handle issues related to indemnification of damage caused to the employer; issues related to overtime, shift operation, holidays, compensatory leave and maternity leave, issues pertaining to personal questionnaires, data protection and issues related to obstacles on the part of the employer when performing work; shutdowns, attendance records and overtime (i.e. remuneration of overtime, compensatory leave, industrial accidents, reimbursement of lost income, working conditions (lockers, car park, etc.), misuse of phones, e-mails, company address and data for private purposes, and issues related to company cars (training, contracts, liability).

Our law firm provides assistance to employers when dealing with trade unions, tackling issues related to entering into collective bargaining agreements, their preparation or changes needed for protecting the interests of employers.
We are also involved in tackling issues that concern safety at work, provide consultations aimed at providing for the employer’s interests and undertake consultation activities pertaining to potential discrimination issues.

Besides, we prepare guidelines, working regulations, material liability agreements and other necessary documents, review them and regularly update them. We participate in preparing contracts with authorised representatives of companies. Not only do we prepare these contracts, but we also take part in their negotiation and tackle problems that may be related to them. We are involved in issues pertaining to non-competition clauses and to protecting the interests of employers against the misuse of information by employees. We help employers to tackle the issue of labour permits of foreign nationals, negotiate with the respective administrative bodies and find solutions in these fields.

Commercial law

Our law firm provides comprehensive legal services to corporations. We specialise in commercial law in general.
Our firm facilitated the establishment of numerous companies, be it joint ventures or companies established solely by Czech clients. Since its establishment our law firm has been one of the first ones to facilitate the establishment of joint ventures and has among others helped to establish major joint ventures founded by German and Czech entities and entities from the UK and the USA.

We provide legal services in all issues related to corporations, mainly limited liability companies and/or joint stock companies. We establish the above, help to organise their structure, issue internal guidelines following the establishment of companies and provide all legal services linked to company operation.
Our law firm organises general assemblies, prepares the minutes, cooperates with notaries in executing notary’s deeds and enters changes in commercial registers. We help to regulate relationships between companies and company members and relationships between authorised representatives and other company bodies and the company, company members and/or other entities. We are also involved in winding up companies or in terminating the legal existence of corporations.

Our law firm has participated in numerous major transformations of companies and their restructuring projects. The merger and acquisition team is always headed by the co-founder of the law firm, JUDr. Oto Kunz, CSc. Our firm has gained much recognition in this field with our clients. In the field of mergers and acquisitions our law firm provides expert reports and due diligence, i.e. a comprehensive legal assessment of the respective part of a given enterprise or the whole enterprise. We prepare the above reports according to the client’s wishes in the required language, including an assessment of potential risks linked to the envisaged transaction.
Our firm prepares principal contracts, i.e. contracts pertaining to the sale of shares, transfer of a business share, sale of an enterprise or its part as well as all documentation for mergers and/ or acquisitions. We represent our clients with respect to the above and participate in effecting the whole transaction until its very completion. If needed, we negotiate with the Office for the Protection of Competition.

Besides, we prepare all types of standard trade agreements and contracts with an international element in various languages. We also represent our clients in negotiations on the above contractual documents.
In the field of the law of economic competition we provide assistance in matters related to unfair competition, evaluate public tenders and represent our clients in the event of complaints and/or appeals that arise in public tenders. We provide legal assistance by representing our clients before the Office for the Protection of Competition.

Our law firm also represents its clients when lodging claims in bankruptcy and composition proceedings. Besides, we tackle issues related to doing business pursuant to the Trade Licensing Act.

We provide legal assistance in commercial law in all areas of our clients’ interests and aim at providing the highest-quality legal services and the best possible legal protection both in the Czech Republic and abroad.

Criminal law

Our law firm provides legal assistance mainly in representing aggrieved clients in ancillary proceedings. In other matters we cooperate with other law firms.

Energy law

Our law firm prepares opinions for energy audits, prepares initial negotiations and documents related to the construction of energy units, prepares contracts for work, design contracts including financing contracts, credit agreements and other documents from the banking sector, prepares opinions on public tenders, participates in evaluating the bidding procedure, prepares bids pursuant to the terms of reference set forth by individual contracting authorities, assesses the outcome of the bidding procedure, prepares the means of remedy and represents its clients in review proceedings.

Real estate (civil law)

We provide legal consultancy in the field of civil law, in particular as concerns the purchase and sale of real estates, security contracts and their termination, and also represents its clients in proceedings before the real estate register. Furthermore, we provide legal assistance with other types of contracts, such as concluding lease contracts. As concerns civil law, our law firm provides consultancy in the field of liability for defects, indemnification of damage as well as other areas.

Law of industrial and other intellectual property

Our law firm has longstanding experience in the maintenance and administration of industrial property. We represent our clients in proceedings before the Industrial Property Office in the CR and abroad through our partners. We also litigate to protect industrial and intellectual property both in the CR and abroad. Furthermore, we tackle the issue of patents and inventions, trademarks and unfair competition.
In this field we provide extended services in customs proceedings for the sake of protection of industrial rights and represent our clients in litigations.
As part of our services we also search industrial rights registers. We specialise in copyright and protection of business secret.

Administrative law

In the field of administrative law we provide legal opinions pertaining to decisions of administrative bodies that affect the interests of our clients. We participate in negotiations with administrative bodies and arrive at solutions with them. We represent clients in proceedings before administrative bodies and also in appellate proceedings within the meaning of provisions of the Code of Administrative Procedure.
Our law firm has extensive experience in construction law, i.e. entering into contracts as part of building proceedings and zoning decisions. A number of plants have been built in the Czech Republic with the help of our law firm, at least four of which are one of the largest constructed over here.
In administrative law we provide services to our clients that reflect their requirements, protecting them and their interests in general.

Financial law, bill of exchange law and cheque law

Our law firm deals with issues related to banking operations and matters involving bills of exchange, cheques, obligations and/or bonds with respect to their issuance, exercise and litigation.
In this field our law firm cooperates with its associates.

Private and procedural international law, international trade law

Our law firm provides legal services also in private and procedural international law. In this field it draws on the experience of the founders of the company, who among other things lectured this subject.
We provide legal assistance both to clients from the CR and from abroad in their private law relationships with a foreign entity. We can represent our clients in Czech, German and English.
We also provide extensive legal assistance in international trade in negotiating and entering into contracts, enforcing the performance of obligations and in other areas. Besides, we provide assistance to clients in the field of foreign investment and its protection in the CR. Furthermore, we assess individual cases and represent our clients in negotiations with the respective bodies.

EU law

Our law firm provides legal counselling also in this field. We specialise in issues of economic competition and contractual relationships and can also evaluate the compliance of a given case with EU law.

Dispute resolution

Our law firm represents its clients in litigations in all fields. We represent them in general courts as well as permanent arbitration courts and/or ad hoc arbitration courts and administrative bodies.
Besides we provide assistance in enforcing obligations and represent our clients in all cases pertaining to commercial law issues, civil issues, labour law and administrative law issues.
We provide broad services in this field with respect to the protection of industrial and other intellectual property.

Standard or above-the-standard services and equipment

Our law firm provides its services through its registered office in Prague. If our client wishes, we can participate in negotiations anywhere in the CR and/or abroad.